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Occupational Tax Certificate Online Application

Unincorporated Henry County Occupational Tax Certificate Application Commercial, Homesbased or One-Time Projects Only.

If you are applying for a Short-Term Rental STOP, go back to main menu and apply under Short Term Rentals.
If you are making an appointment DO NOT just print the forms from this page. Go back to the main menu and print the whole application.
Before you begin the application process, please read the following information in its entirety. Application cannot be saved.

(it will prompt you to attach forms on page 3 of online process)

1. Business licenses are renewed on a calendar year basis. Expires on December 31 of each year.

2. Business start date is the date you submit your application and all fees are assessed at the time of submission of application.

3. If you are no longer operating your business, change ownership or move out of Unincorporated Henry County you MUST notify our office in writing to close your account. We DO NOT assume since you did not renew you are no longer operating.

4. A copy of the Driver License is REQUIRED for each owner on application for all Occupational Tax Certificates. Driver License must match address for all Homebased businesses.

5. Please complete the required forms. These NOTARIZED form must be attached to the application.

*Legal Status and Private Employers Affidavit ALL SECTIONS must be complete or your application will be rejected: A seperate Legal Status form MUST be completed by each owner on the application.

Legal and Private Employers Affidavit, REQUIRED FORMS.

Please note you will be required to upload this form in the online application process.

6. HOMEBASED businesses must answer ALL questions on the the ULDC form and attach.


Please note you will be required to upload this form in the online application process. (Homebase ONLY)

7. All businesses are require to file a Personal Property Tax Return with the Tax Assessor's office each year. Failure to file a return could result in a mandatory assessment.

Please READ the following attachment for more information. MUST READ

7. Payment will not be required until your application has been accepted. Please be sure to include your estimated gross receipts (12 month period) or job value if you are a contractor (one time project), and number of employees.

9. You will receive an email verifying the receipt of application.

10. Allow 10 to business 15 days for approval, an email containing the amount due and instructions on how to make payment on-line will be sent to the email you have provided.

*If you are a Homebased business applying for a Personal Home Care, Adult Daycare, Child Daycare or Home Salon/Spa, you MUST have a pre-planning review with the building department before applying. Please call 770-288-6319 to schedule a review.**

We wish you much success in your business venture